"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
-Abraham Lincoln


I finished Middle's octopus.  I used a pattern out of Tiny Yarn Animals: Amigurumi Friends to Make and Enjoy.   By Tamie Snow.  

I'm about half way through my shirt and should have it done for the graduation.  If I have time I may sew up a skirt to go with it.   But that's a pretty big if. 

I've finally finished all the cleaning that I need done for the party, except for the bathroom.  It's amazing to me how quickly two small children can destroy a clean bathroom.   I finally have some time now to relax, watch some Cheers reruns and do nothing, absolutely nothing.  :)


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

That's adorable! You're so talented in so many ways ...not the least of which is finding time to knit, sew and crochet while you're raising your kids. Good for you, Mom!

The Craftivist said...

Aww shucks...:)
Truth be told though, I have to MAKE time to knit and crochet. I think if I didn't, I would probably go insane. Knitting and crochet is very calming. It's like yoga for your brain, lol.

babyskyluv said...

i love it....how did u make the tentacles for it...i would love to know unless do you have a pattern for it

The Craftivist said...

The tentacles are made in the round in pretty much the same way as the basic body is made, only on a smaller scale. I can't actually give you the pattern because it isn't my own pattern, it's a copyrighted pattern out of Tamie Snow's book Tiny Yarn Animals: Amigurumi Friends to Make and Enjoy. It's a good book though, has TONS of cute little animals to make and all of them are beginner level easy. I got my copy off of Amazon for about $5.