"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
-Abraham Lincoln

Memory Quilt

Lately I've found myself over run by baby clothes that Youngest no longer fits but are just too cute to throw out. I've donated at least three boxes worth but there are still more (the grandparents LOVE to buy the kids mountains of clothes). So I've decided to turn some of them into a cute little memory quilt for his crib.

Memory quilts are easy because they don't have to coordinate perfectly, they can be a fun mash up of colors, textures and patterns.  I personally prefer it to have a random, thrown together kind of look but you could easily make it more "planned out" if you wanted.  All you have to do is cut out a 6 in. square of cardboard, place it on the fabric or baby outfit that you want to use and cut around the square.  Then arrange it how you want it to be (as I've done in the above picture) and when you're ready, sew it all together. 

So far for mine, I've got all the squares cut out and arranged and hopefully I'll be sewing them together over the next day or so.

In the garden front we have everything replanted that we had put in the ground before that late frost.  So that's done now at least.  

We also have peach buds starting on all four of the peach trees.

And cherries started on the lone, young little cherry tree in our yard. This is the most we've had on this little tree since planting it 3 years ago so it's pretty exciting.  Last year we had a whole 1 cherry on this little bugger.  ONE.  Uno.  That was it.  This year we've got several branches with several little bunches of green fledgling cherries. Yay! The 10 or so cherry trees we have out at the orchard are also starting out nicely this year.  It's a good day when the garden and orchard are doing well outside the house and crafts are going on inside the house.