"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
-Abraham Lincoln

I Honestly Hate Titles.

I intended to start the seeds for this years garden this week but I didn't.  I intended to clean the back porch to get it warm weather ready but I didn't.  Instead I've been watching tv, something I don't do very often and I've been reading Killing Lincoln which is a pretty good book and I've been crocheting little trinkets to try and keep my mind off this last winter.

I like the way they've turned out, especially the button wrap bracelet.  It can double as a necklace so it's rocking that whole dual purpose vibe.  I'm going to have to head to the craft store for more thread though, I'm  getting a bored with purple, pink and white.  

Liebster Blog Award

One of my favorite Texans, Hossboss, over at hoof and barrel nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award.  I first found her blog when I was visiting her husband's blog.  I ended up originally visiting her husband's blog because of his name, Yeoldfurt.  I mean, really, with a moniker like that how could I not click? Anyways, I loved his blog, so I figured her blog would be worth checking out as well and I was absolutely right.  From horses to homesteading (and plenty in between), she definitely knows her stuff.  And she's obviously an excellent judge of character ;)

 Part of the process for this award is to find 5 other blogs with 200 or fewer followers and share the love.  Unfortunately, I don't personally follow that many blogs that have 200 or fewer followers...soooooo, I'm going hunting :)  And once I find some I'll post an update!

Declutter Challenge Update

I've been plugging along in my quest to declutter my house.  We've purged many useless, out dated, and outgrown items from our nooks and crannies and, as a result, I've found that I have all of this space that is housing stuff that actually belongs there, but is doing it in a very haphazardly sort of way.  I need a little organization so I've been on Pinterest finding inspiration.

Whether or not I'll ever get around to employing any of these ideas in my own home remains to be seen, but I thought they were pretty cute none the less and their associated websites have some pretty neat ideas for the home.