"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
-Abraham Lincoln

The Best Laid Plans...

After DH left this morning to get Middle Brother from the airport, I managed to get Gran out the door to her doctor's appointment and get Oldest to school.   Then I cleaned out the rest of the spare room, the desk in the "office" and that was no small job believe me, and somehow kept the other two littles off of the plastic covered floor in the dining room.  
Gran's doctor's appointment went well, by the way.   They found an irregular heartbeat but it wasn't anything that they were overly concerned about.  Apparently it was well within the benign arrythmia range.   They also found that the veins in her legs are weak which is why she had the swelling (no clots, thank God) and they want her to wear support hoes.  They also prescribed her some medicine for GERD which is a blessing because there have been a couple of nights where she's woken up vomitting or unable to breathe because of the acid reflux so hopefully this medicine will take care of that.   All in all for a woman of 86 she's in very good shape.   Better yet, she even LIKED the doctor and alot of her fears about doctor's offices were eased.  
DH came home with Middle Brother about an hour after we got back from Gran's appointment.   So DH spent most of his day chatting with MB and running out for a hair cut and to do some shopping.   It wasn't until about 10 pm that he finally got around to the floors.  Needless to say, they aren't nearly as finished as either of us had hoped.  
This is what I'm looking at right now...

He wore himself out hanging with MB and after about 15 minutes of "floor work" he passed out.   You can't hear him, but he's snoring like a freight train right now.

This is the current state of the floor. 

I suppose I had better go and get him off to bed before he ends up with a sore neck or back.  At least we have one row down, something is better than nothing after all.