"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
-Abraham Lincoln

Make Your Own Gummies!

If you are anything like me and my kids then candy is one of the greatest of the simple pleasures.   One of our favorite candies is the classic gummy bear.  
My kids are also incessently searching for things to do so we found a cute little blog that tells you how to make your own gummy candies.   I really like this recipe because it was one of the easiest that I found.   You can find the recipe at Skip to My Lou.  Enjoy :)

Danaus Plexippus

Otherwise known as the monarch butterfly:
This lovely little male specimen was warming up in the sunshine when we (oldest and I) snapped this picture. 

They visit us pretty much all summer and most of the fall, but not becuase we are good company.   They come for the food.

Specifically, this food.  Butterfly weed.

Another sign of fall...the pumpkin patch.   This was our first batch (we've since added about 30 to the pile) after it had already been pretty well picked over.   For the rest of October, my days will be spent sitting with the pumpkins at the pumpkin stand.  
Which means, I will have some free time between customers to do...

Crochet!  This modest little fellow is Sherman, Oldest's doll and my new model.
He is currently wearing the blue scarf I designed for a Christmas swap...hopefully nobody in that swap has my blogger address.

Also, while sitting at the pumpkin stand, I've been working on finally finishing Middle's sweater, doll clothes for oldest for Christmas, and a really cute fall/Halloween table runner.

And, just to leave you all with a smile, here's a funny little blast from the past.