"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
-Abraham Lincoln

New Floors and One Very Scary Little Dude

With three days left until Nanny and Pampaw come up from Florida and 4 days left until graduation and 6 days until Youngest Brother's graduation party....DH decides that now is the time to rip up the floors. He started last night, at about midnight (he has the worst timing sometimes) which meant that we had to clear all the furniture out of the way. Which is where the very scary little dude comes in.

See we inherited this house from DH's great aunt and some of what was her's is still left here, we uncover it from time to time and usually it makes for a nice little surprise. Well this guy was a surprise but I wouldn't describe it as a "nice" surprise.
This is who we found.....

He was completely tucked away and I had never noticed him before.   He is a wine bottle cork.   There is a lever stuck in the base of his skull and if you press it his jaw goes slack open and his eyes roll back in his head. How charming.  My first reaction was "get rid of him".   DH: "But he's kind of fu.."  Me: "Get rid of HIM".   DH: "But don't you think he's sort of funny?"  Me: "No, no I don't.  He's terrifying...throw him out.  Throw him out right now."   In the end I won out and he is now sitting somewhere in the county dump.   Good riddance. 

We finally did get the carpets in the dining room pulled up.   We went from this....

and this...

To this...

We've got the concrete scrubbed and the plastic down and probably tonight or tomorrow we'll have the actual floors down which I'm really excited about even if the timing is bad.

Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day as well because DH is going to pick up Middle Brother from the airport, I have to get Oldest off to school, then I have to pack up the other two munchkins and DH's grandmother so that we can take her (Gran)  to the doctor.   Her leg has been swelling off and on for about a month and starting last week it's been swollen and we haven't been able to get it to go back down.   She's a little bit nervous about the whole ordeal, she HATES doctors and she's also scared they are going to find something seriously wrong so any of you out there who have left over prayers, she could surely use them about now.  

Earlier in this post I mentioned that DH has a bit of bad timing....well, he isn't the only one.   On top of trying to clean the whole house, paint, put in new floors, plan a party, and still cook and take care of the kids, I've also started three new projects.  Two crochet projects and a cross stitch project. Last week I realized that I needed a new top to wear to the grad party but my fabric stash is running low and I didn't see anything there that I wanted to use for a shirt.   I thought about running out to the fabric store but with the new floors and the party we're trying to cut down on our spending for the month.  Instead I decided to dig through my yarn stash and I found some suitable yarn and a free pattern off of Ravelry.  Since this one is for the weekend, it's going to take top priority.  
The second project is actually 3 projects in 1.   The kids found an amigurumi octopus that they wanted me to make for them out of one of my crochet books.   I've got the first one almost finished, I just have to make the rest of his legs.   Then I have to make two more little guys for the other two kiddies.   Come to think of it, I still have to finish the other kitty cat for Oldest's friend and I have to get that done before school is out. Yeesh.  
The cross stitch project is fortunately one that I can take my time on.   I found it off of Amazon for a very reasonable price.   It's cute and whimsical and small so it should be a lot of fun to work on.   I also bought a beginner cross stitch kit for Oldest and have ordered one for Middle.    We have been tackling those projects bit by bit, as time allows. 

Well, that's it for now I suppose.   I'll be sure to post some pictures of the floors when they are put down.   Try not to think about that first picture before you fall asleep tonight...who knows what kind of horrible nightmares that guy will induce.