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-Abraham Lincoln

Poor Poor Cookie

Poor Cookie isn't feeling too well.  She woke up this morning fine, happy as a fly on poop.   We had her outside with us most of the evening and she was enjoying herself, running and chasing squirrels up the trees, sniffing around all corners of the yard. 

But by late evening, when we had come inside for the day, she started to vomit.  I figured she must have gotten a little too excited chasing squirrels.  I put her outside to finish the deed and she wandered off just as happy as she was before. 

I brought her back in a couple of minutes later and she started to vomit again..and again...and again.  And now the poor thing has nothing left and has been laying on the couch next to my computer for the duration. 

I called the after hours vet number and they told me to keep an eye on her and if she gets worse to bring her in. So far her breathing has become a bit labored but I think that may be due to dehydration because of the vomitting.  We've given her two bowls of water so far (both of which she devoured which is a really good sign) and I'm waiting to see if it helps her breathing. She's perked up some at least after the water. If she's still in distress after a little while, it looks like we'll be bringing her in.  

I'm beginning to think she may have found something in the yard that was less than dog friendly, although I can't imagine what that could've been.  We don't really have many poisonous plants just growing in our yard (when we do spot one we rip it out roots and all, can't be too careful when you have little ones and furry friends around).
She did upchuck a bit of a submarine sandwhich that the kids and I had for lunch, they have a sneaky way of slipping the dogs food when I'm not looking, so there may have been something in the sandwhich that doesn't agree with dogs. 

Anywho, she's at least still feeling well enough to give Chandler the evil eye. 

You can just barely make out her glaring him down in this picture :)
She's a feisty one even when she's ill.


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

Hope Cookie is feeling better today!