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-Abraham Lincoln

Man it Stinks When Doctor's Don't Take You Seriously

So, I had a major sinus infection during the middle of last week.  Obviously, I went to the doctor.   Unfortunately I had to see a different doctor than my usual family doc because my usual family doc had given birth recently and was still on maternity leave.  He was a nice guy, a smart guy.   I told the guy that I have a history of tachycardia (inappropriate sinus tachycardia, in case you were wondering).   He proceeds to tell me that my tachcyardia is probably stress related, ie. it's all in my head and schedules me an appointment so he can do a psychological evaluation after my sinus infection is cleared up.  He then prescribes me an antibiotic, one that can cause complications in people with cardiac arrythmias.  Such as fast heart rates that are particularly stubborn and do NOT want to slow down despite multiple injections and a continuous slow drip iv of antiarrythmic medication.  

Sooo,  I took ONE stinking antibiotic pill and got a complimentary 3 day stay at the hospital, 2 blown veins, a cardiac CT scan, chest x-rays, ultrasounds on my legs (to check for blood clots), and plenty of nappy hospital food.   My heart rate did eventually return to normal but now I have to stay on a heart med prescription until I can get in to see my regular doctor because it's one of those fun medications that you have to be weaned off of.   At least it's not making me as dizzy today as it was yesterday.   And...now here is the positive part...it afforded me some more time to work on my crochet kitty for my daughter's friend and my knit sweater for Youngest.  Even though I'm not finished with either yet (don't judge me.) I'm much further along.


HossBoss said...

Geez! I hope your regular doc rips his stand-in a new one for doing that to you! You TOLD him and I'm sure your CHART told him what your issues were and he proceeds to prescribe something that you're obviously not a candidate for! I'm sure he's a nice guy but if he was less focused on his theory about stress being the root of your problems and more focused on YOU, this all could have been avoided.

I'm glad you're on the mend though. Take care of yourself!

The Craftivist said...

Thanks for the well wishes.
I kind of felt the same way about the doctor. Sometimes they focus so much on "knowing" what's wrong with you that they don't actually listen to what you tell them.
My regular doctor has straightened out most everything, including pulling me off the hopsital prescribed heart meds. She was upset that they prescribed such a high dose for me in the first place since my blood pressure normally runs low and that medicine lowers blood pressure considerably. Her exact words were "I'm surprised you haven't already passed out on that medicine".
I think the lesson learned here is never get sick. :D

Hishandmaid said...

What an awful experience! I'm so glad your on the mend!

How's Cookie?

The Craftivist said...

Thank you so much. Cookie is doing much better now. Looking at her, you wouldn't even be able to tell she was under the weather. :)