"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
-Abraham Lincoln

Crochet Dishcloth

This is the second dishcloth that I made.
The pattern is Crochet Flower Dishcloth from Coats and Clark's website.

That's basically been it for the crafting front around here.   We've all been a bit run down with colds and I've been trying to get the garden planted.  I got a few seedlings in the ground the day before yesterday, only to wake up this morning to a nice, very late, frost.   Soooo, starting over is probably in my very near future.   Oh well, at least gardening is good for the soul. 


HossBoss said...

If your seedlings hadn't poked up out of the soil yet, they will probably be fine, just delayed until the soil warms up. I cut the bottoms out of plastic milk jugs to protect young sprouts. Place a plastic jug over the seedling (even over two if they are close enough together) and press the jug into the soil an inch or two. Soil should be moist before you do this. Dehydration is what actually kills tender vegetation in a frost. But the moisture and the air trapped inside the jug will protect the sprouts.

Love the dishcloth too!

: )

The Craftivist said...

Unfortunately they were seedlings that we had already started inside. I had transplanted them the other day, didn't even think about frost, didn't bother to check the weather report before going to bed and woke up to them covered in a nice layer of frozen dew.
The milk jug idea is excellent. I think I'm going to start that routinely early in the year from now on out instead of just on an as needed basis.

HossBoss said...

Oh well, at least you have a place where you can start them indoors. I don't have any sunny windows.

I have about a dozen milk jugs cut that way. We nest them together and string a long bungee through them, then hand them on the fence beside the garden. Out of the way but handy when you need them.