"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
-Abraham Lincoln


I'm not an overly political person and this blog is not intended to be a soap box for me to spout off about my political viewpoints.   However, I'm seeing some trends happening right now that have me more than a little concerned and I feel compelled to at least address them. 

I happened upon a news story today discussing the fact that President Obama has dipped below majority support according to Gallup for the first time in his presidency.   Sooo, I went to check things out on the gallup website itself and I then darted over to Rasmussen.  

While on the two sites I proceed to click around on a few other polls and links to polls and what I find disturbs me.   For one, gallup claims that 58% feel the economy is getting worse, not better.  Another states that trust in state government is at an all time low.   Trust in the legislative branch of our government is at a record low.  Congress has an approval rating of only 21%.   6 out of 10 people believe government is infringing to much on our lives.   Another record number. Yet another claimed that the majority of Americans feel that America's best days are behind us.  Only 33% feel the government is heading in the right direction.

It seems as though the overall mood of Americans is one of disenfranchisement, frustration, anger, resentment.    There seems to be almost no confidence in our government anymore.  What's worse, our political leaders don't seem to care.  They are pushing issues that the majority don't seem to support such as public option healthcare, civilian terror trials, and while America calls for a tougher stance on illegal immigration, our politicians do virtually nothing.  Instead of listening to the American people, our politicians lie, cheat, twist facts, hide information, spin rhetoric, manipulate the media and just work their rear ends off to deceive the people in order to force THEIR agenda down our gullets.  

When did we let our government get so out of control?  We sold our freedom for empty political promises.  I realize that mine is but a humble little blog that is a mere spec in the vast expanse of web space.   But I wanted to put this message out here anyways: If you feel unrepresented, if you feel frustrated and angry with the state of our government, if you feel like the desires of special interest groups, party affiliations and campaign contributors have trumped the needs to the people then you are not alone. I feel it too sometimes and so do many, many others it seems.

God bless America.