"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
-Abraham Lincoln

What is Craftivism?

So by now many may be wondering what is craftivism? Simply put, craftivism is activism using crafts. Kind of a broad definition isn't it? Well, that's because craftivism, like activism, doesn't have strict rules about what it can and cannot be. It can be political, it can be social, it can even be both. It can be individual, it can be collective.

For example, suppose I have a neighbor down the road who is a craftivist. He/she uses craftivism strictly to promote a political message or support a political candidate.

Personally, I use craftivism for more social types of activism. For me craftivism is about donating my crafts or proceeds from the sale of my crafts to benefit social programs that I feel make a positive difference in the world, programs that provide food, shelter, or comfort to those in need. For me, it's also about gaining a certain amount of personal freedom. I'm no longer completely dependent on items that are often over priced and of poor quality produced by giant corporations that then take my money and use it to perpetuate things that I may not agree with like pushing a political agenda I don't agree with, the use of sweat shops, money laundering, or bilking investors out of their entire life savings. I'm more independent and therefore more free and hopefully I can inspire others who are interested in craftivism in some way.

The point is, that whether a craftivist is more like my hypothetical neighbor, more like myself, or somewhere in between, they are still a craftivist. Craftivism can be liberal or conservative, young or old, Christian or athiest, and as a result it is none of those things alone. It is simply activism, one way or the other, with crafts :)