"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
-Abraham Lincoln

Fairy Houses

Since the weather has turned nicer the last few days, the kids have begun to head back outside for the majority of their day. One of their favorite things to do outside is build fairy houses (I found the idea off of a magazine, unfortunately I no longer remember which magazine.) They build them out of the items that they find outside or in the garden and occasionally small items that they find in the tool shed. They build the fairies their homes, decorate them with bits of found "furniture" (short, fat sticks for sofas, leaves for a bed, etc.) Then they fill them up with "fairy food" which lately has consisted of unsalted peanuts and clovers.

This is their most recent fairy house.  It's just a broken pot, tree bark for a roof and a door, and an old tuna can swimming pool. 
They used all sorts of thing to decorate the inside from rocks and twigs to old hallowed out walnut shells.

And this is Chandler drinking from the fairy pool. :)

They love to come outside the next day to check to see if the "fairies" have eaten their food and possibly rearranged the furniture.  In the case of this house, they had and they had even knocked the door clean off the side of the house.  They also left tracks in the mud that looked suspiciously like squirrel tracks. lol.

And in recent puppy news:
They have finally hit the 8 week mark have gotten all their shots and their wormings and should be ready for their new homes by next week at the latest.

And since nobody can resist cute puppies, here's some more pictures for everyone.