"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
-Abraham Lincoln

On Track

Our decluttering is going well.  So far we have way more than the 14 items required by the challenge inour little bag heading for the veterans truck. It really isn't hard to find items when you have 3 young kids and a mother in law who cannot pass up a department store sale.  About a third of the clothes they outgrew were ones they only got to wear once or twice.  All this and we only went through two of six (yes, SIX) dressers of their clothes.  Ugh.


HossBoss said...

Good for you! I was making progress and then brought some things home from my daughter's this weekend. I bought an elliptical machine from her which I hope to put to good use ...and three bags of clothing that belonged to my son (her brother) that had been living in her garage for nearly three years. Neither of us have been looking forward to sorting through them but now they need the space because they have a new baby on the way. It should be my responsibility anyway, so I brought them home with me. I have only gone through one bag so far and there were about six uniforms from different places he worked. I may save his embroidered name tags from those, but the rest will donated to the local Christian resale shop or disposed of as appropriate. I can probably gather plenty from my own closets to donate as well.

The Craftivist said...

That's the way it seems to work, doesn't it? No sooner did I get that bag out the door when my hubby came in with two bags of clothes from his parents house. Congratulations on the grandbaby to be, though and good luck going through your son's clothes. I imagine that must be difficult to do.