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-Abraham Lincoln

My First Attempt at Knitting in the Round

This was my very first attempt at knitting in the round.

As I've mentioned on here before, I'm new to the knitting scene.
Since I've taken up this new passion about 4 months ago, I've knitted one hat for oldest, one for youngest (that didn't fit) and now this one for me, myself and I.
I still have to knock out one for middle.  I have my eye set on one that I think will be really cute for him but I wanted to try knitting a larger one in the round first.  I figured that it would be easier to go larger.  I don't remember the logic behind that thinking at the moment...

It fits pretty nicely and definately keeps my head toasty warm.
It took about 3 days and that's with almost constant interruption (as in...sit down, knit 5, "MOM!", get back up, sit down, knit 6 ,"MOMMY!", you get the idea)

*Thank you to Fremont Frog for modeling for me, I'm a wee bit camera shy*

Aside from a rocky start (I could NOT for the life of me figure out how to eliminate that giant gap in between the first and last stitches when I joined the round.  SO, I googled it.  There's almost no problem google can't solve.  Turns out, you just pull the the first knit stitch you make when joining the round extra tightly.  Who knew?) I think it went pretty smoothly. 
I used leftover worsted weight variegated yarn.
A size 8 16in. circular needle
4 size 7 DPNs.
1 tapestry needle
stitch marker

The hat is done in a basic pattern.
Using the circular needle, cast on 70.
K1 P1 for about 2 inches.
Then knit in stockinette (knit each stitch) for about 6 inches.
K8 K2tog for 1 row
Knit the next row
(You'll want to switch to the DPNs about now)
K7 K2tog for 1 row
Knit the next row
K6 K2tog for the next row
Keep going like that until you K2tog across the row and/or you have about 6 sts remaining.
Cut thread leaving about a 4 inch tail.
Thread tail through tapestry needle and then carefully weave through remaining sts, pull tightly.
Weave in your ends, making sure to finish with a little bit of your tail left over on the wrong side of you hat.
And that's it. FIN.