"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
-Abraham Lincoln

Odds and Ends

Well, after tearing out my knitting twice more since my last post, I'm finally making some decent progress and I admit that I've learned alot about intarsia knitting in the process.  

That is what I have done so far.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have it nearly completed but that all depends on how much free time I get after church. 

I also made a run to Joann Fabrics today and picked up a really cute "quilt in a box" on clearance.   I have been wanting to make a lap quilt for a good friend of mine for a couple of months now but couldn't find the time to get the fabric and start cutting.  The nice thing about the quilt-in-the-box is that the fabric is all there for me (except the backing fabric and batting but that's no big deal) and it's all cut and ready to go.   Should move fairly quickly from here.  

Beyond that we've been starting to look through our seed catalogs and online to start to plan this spring's garden.  I'm thinking that we are only going to add a handful of new items this year including a "flat wonderful" peach tree and some "sugar baby" watermelons.  I can't hardly wait for this snow to disappear so I can get out there and dig!