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-Abraham Lincoln

Worst Sewing Idea Ever...

We have a winner folks for the most disgusting craft project...The Placenta Bear!!!

Yep, it's a bear that you make out of your very own leatherized placenta. The best part is, you get to make it yourself! (blech).  The company sends you a kit and you get to get straight to work.   Now your little one can cuddle it's very own internal organ!  No, that's not creepy at all.  

"Hello Clarice...."


HossBoss said...

OMG ...we have fake fur, fake leather, fake HAIR pieces ...but we're going to use genuine human placenta to make cuddlies for our kids? Who dreams this stuff up!?!!

The Craftivist said...

LOL. I caught a glimpse of a placenta once, after I had one of my kids, I can honestly say that I didn't look at the thing and think "Boy, I bet I could turn that into a teddy bear."

Hishandmaid said...

Gross! I'm all for the natural birth thing and all...., but that is definitely over the top! I've heard of burying the placenta, and even cooking eat, (that's gross too), now handling it, sewing it, and cuddling it.

No thanks! :)