"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
-Abraham Lincoln

Ahhh the Snow.

I was watching the news last Thursday and caught the weather report: an expected 6-8 inches of snow for Friday night and into Sat.
By Friday evening we had 8 inches of snow and by Saturday morning we were shoveling 12 inches of the white stuff.   Still, I realized we had alot to be thankful for.   For one thing, we are in the Buckeye State, not the Mid-Atlantic, so even though we got a foot of snow, they were slammed with 2 feet of snow.  
Secondly, there were, as of yesterday, 2,000 people out of power in our area.  Fortunately, we were not one of those families.   We would've been, Lord knows, had they not spent a few days this last summer clearing trees and branches away from our power lines and our transmitter.   I'm especially grateful for this because after having spent 10 days without power 2 years ago, I'm not keen to going through it again although I would be much more prepared for it now if it were to happen. 

But, alas, there is more to come.   Watching the news again today, we're expected to get yet another 10-14 inches of snow tomorrow evening/ tomorrow night.  At least it makes for a beautiful display.   Hopefully, if I can still get out of my house, I'll be able to get some pictures and post them up here.   


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